March 30 update from Vice President for Student Life Jon Dooley

Vice President for Student Life Jon Dooley is providing regular email update messages to keep students and parents informed about the efforts for a healthy Spring Semester.

Dear Students, Faculty, and Staff,

Summary of updates in this message

  • Status updates
  • Reporting positive results from off-campus testing

Status updates

The university dashboard is updated on the Healthy Elon website each weekday morning.

  • 24 new COVID-19 cases were confirmed among Elon students and employees over the past week, March 23-29. This compares to 4 new cases the week prior.
  • As of yesterday, March 29, there were an estimated 21 active cases among Elon students and employees. This compares to 3 active cases a week ago. We continue to monitor, investigate, and support those testing positive and have found no evidence of transmission linked to classroom interactions.
  • The increase in cases among students and employees this week demonstrates that the virus is still present in our community.
  • Alamance County is in the “medium” category, and Guilford County in the “low” category on the CDC county community level tracking tool.
  • The CDC county tracking website  includes guidance for individual/household prevention behaviors and community-level prevention strategies associated with each of the levels.

Reporting positive results from off-campus testing

Students are reminded to report positive test results from an off-campus testing facility or an approved over-the-counter/at-home test to Student Care & Outreach by emailing Student Care & Outreach, Residence Life, and Student Health Services will coordinate contact tracing, care, housing, and health precautions.

Employees should report off-campus positive results to the Office of Human Resources at 336-278-5560 or Human Resources will also assist faculty and staff members through the contact tracing process.

Additional information

Detailed information is always available on the Healthy Elon website, which provides important health and wellness information for students and employees, including what to do if you feel ill, test positive, or have close contact with a positive case. The site also offers responses to frequently asked questions about academics, vaccination, and employee information, as well as answers to questions related to the university mask policy and other campus protocols.

The next email update will be sent Wednesday, April 6, at 10:45 a.m., unless an additional message is warranted before then.

Dr. Jon Dooley

Vice President for Student Life