Elon World Percussion Ensemble records at local studio, set to perform at Oak House

The Elon World Percussion Ensemble to perform recorded tracks at the Oak House.

The Elon World Percussion Ensemble visited Dark Pine Studio in Graham, North Carolina on April 15 and recorded two rhythms. The ensemble will perform these rhythms and more at the Oak House at 8 p.m. on Thursday, April 21.

This semester, the concentration for the ensemble has been Afro-Cuban rhythms and related African rhythms. They will present EhGunGun and Iyesa along with a Cuban “Descarga” jam session, an EDM-inspired Guaguancó and a parade rhythm known as Conga Comparsa.

The Elon World Percussion Ensemble at Dark Pine Studio in Graham, North Carolina.

The group is made up of students that have had little or no prior experience in drumming and have exceled in their efforts to play these challenging rhythms. This semester the ensemble consists of Nihar Deshmukh, Nik Heiser, Jacob Laxton, Tyler Lopez, Walt Pierce, Jack Rickett, Wium Roets and Madison Tiplett. The ensemble is directed by Adjunct Instructor in Music Jim Roberts.

The Elon World Percussion Ensemble, soon to be renamed the Elon African Diaspora Ensemble, is open to any in the student or faculty body (MUS1081A) without auditions. All levels are accepted. Students or faculty may email jroberts10@elon.edu for details.