Career Moves: Anna Terry ‘23 is on a mission to explore her career options during a summer internship with Three Ships

Terry, a Medfield, Massachusetts native, discovered the digital marketing agency, Three Ships while attending “Network at Night,” an event hosted by Elon’s Student Professional Development Center. The opportunity will allow her to build transferable skills and gain critical knowledge in the digital marketing industry.

Anna Terry ’23, a strategic communication major, gives much credit to her on-campus job in the Student Professional Development Center (SPDC) for the opportunity to meet with a variety of companies from all over the country. The advice she received from Ross Wade, senior associate director of Career Services, has been a significant factor for her landing an internship with Three Ships.

Terry is the latest person to be featured in our series of Career Moves stories that profile students and alumni who worked with staff in the SPDC to find and land jobs, internships and gain graduate school placements.

We recently asked Terry to answer some questions about her experience with the SPDC and landing a Three Ships internship.

What were you trying to accomplish when you met with the Student Professional Development Center, and what specific help did you receive?

I met with career advisor Ross Wade at the Student Professional Development Center to get one-on-one help with my resume. I wanted to ensure that it was up to date and clear from any grammatical errors before applying to summer 2022 internships. Resumes are the first thing most employers look at in the job application process, so I wanted to make sure that my resume and cover letters embodied my experiences accurately and portrayed me in the best possible manner.

What did you learn from the experience?

I learned many helpful tips during my meeting with Ross. The advice he gave me made a significant impact on my resume. As a communications student, I take many classes to improve my public relations, content creation and writing skills. Having a relevant coursework section allows me to showcase this.

How did your interest in the organization, company or career develop?

Three Ships was one of the employers present at the SPDC Network at Night event held in February. I happened to be working at the event as I am a student ambassador at the SPDC. While the event was underway, one of my coworkers, Alyssa Wise, encouraged me to visit the Three Ships table with her, and I hesitantly agreed. As we talked with recruiters, I became interested in opportunities to learn more about the company.

I did not see myself pursuing full-time careers with the firms I had interned with previously and wanted to try something different from the internship roles I had served in in the past. The positions available at Three Ships would give me an exciting and new opportunity to work with a marketing company this summer and help clarify my career goals.

Tell me about your experience in landing this opportunity with Three Ships.

After talking to a recruiter during the Network at Night event, I applied for an internship with the company. I had to link my resume and record two two-minute videos, one introducing myself and one explaining why I was interested in working for Three Ships specifically.

The day after submitting my application, I received an email asking me to come into one of their offices in Raleigh or Charlotte for a tour and interview. I drove to their Raleigh location a few days later and did just that. A week later, I got a phone call telling me that they wanted to offer me a position on their team as an editorial intern. I was ecstatic!

What specific things about the company culture made an impression on you?

When I was touring the Three Ships office, I immediately felt comfortable. Everyone was inviting, and I felt like a valued asset while talking with recruiters and current employees. They also stressed the importance of a good work-life balance which is very important to me. I knew it was an organization that would provide me with a great environment to work and improve professionally.

What recommendations would you share with other students about the Student Professional Development Center?

The Student Professional Development Center is a resource every student at Elon should be using. College is a busy time, but if you dedicate a little bit of time each week to your professional development, you will be amazed at the results. Your LinkedIn, resume and future cover letters will thank you.