Elon details response and relief efforts to those affected by Hurricane Fiona, Ian

Elon University provides a summary of immediate and future response and relief efforts for Hurricane Fiona and Hurricane Ian.

Those affected by Hurricanes Fiona and Ian, including Elon students, families and alumni from those areas, are at the forefront of Elon University’s thoughts. As the university begins to consider how to assist impacted communities, it is important to remember the two primary stages of response and recovery: response and relief and recovery. Response and relief involve immediate work to minimize any harm or hazard caused by the disaster. Recovery includes returning a community to the pre-disaster state or better.

These storms have impacted many communities and the response and relief phase, which requires skilled and trained personnel to address immediate health and safety needs, may take weeks or months. Many organizations working in the most severely affected areas are not prepared to receive unskilled volunteer assistance or donation of items at this time. However, there are things that the Elon community can do now and in the future.

Immediate Response

Financial Support
Financial contributions to relief organizations that have been on the ground assisting in immediate relief are one of the best ways to assist those in need, instead of donating items or food which are challenging to deliver. Elon regularly works with local affiliates of the American Red Cross and the Salvation Army. Please consider donating to one of the following options:

In addition, gifts to the Elon Chaplain’s Discretionary Fund are used to support those in our Elon community who have been affected by tragic circumstances such as these.

Blood Donations 
The American Red Cross reports that Hurricane Ian canceled numerous blood drives in the Southeast. Consider donating during Elon’s blood drive on October 26 or donating locally.

Future Recovery 

The Kernodle Center for Civic Life coordinates spring Alternative Break experiences in Washington, D.C. and Puerto Rico. The Puerto Rico experience has a focus on post-hurricane recovery.

“Elon University challenges and inspires our students, faculty and staff to be active and engaged citizens. We encourage the Elon community to take this opportunity to help support the relief organizations on the ground in places such as Florida and Puerto Rico who have been tirelessly providing food, drink, shelter and care to those in need,” said Bob Frigo, assistant dean and director of the Kernodle Center for Civic Life.

Students are encouraged to explore the Alternative Breaks website for details.  If you have questions about how to help Elon’s support of the communities affected by Hurricane Fiona or Hurricane Ian, please contact Bob Frigo at bfrigo@elon.edu.