Three Elon students share an appreciation for reptiles at a local Halloween festival

Three Elon students attended as volunteers with the NC Herpetological Society. Dozens of children and their families stopped by to play "Find the Copperhead," touch a live snake and learn why it's important to protect snakes, amphibians and other "scary" species.

Two Elon environmental studies students and one biology student joined environment studies Associate Professor Amanda Chunco as volunteers with the North Carolina Herpetological Society in downtown Mebane for Halloween Spooktacular.

The students, Akani Bey ’24, Emma Kaminsky ’24 and Sydney Goldstein ’25, held snakes for children to touch and ran snake related games and activities. Several amphibians and reptiles are endangered in North Carolina and these events help raise awareness for the role these often unappreciated species play in the ecosystem and the importance of protecting them.

The event, which was free and open to the public, was attended by approximately 300 children and their families who enjoyed crafts and activities sponsored by local businesses and non-profit organizations. The North Carolina Herpetological  Society is a non-profit organization dedicated to the conservation of reptile and amphibian species. Part of that mission includes using local events like Spooktacular to educate the community about these commonly perceived “scary” species.