Report on how political candidates market to voters features Shannon Zenner

Zenner, an assistant professor of communication design, offered her analysis of how moderate political candidates are marketing themselves to voters.

Political candidates who are more moderate in their views are also taking a more moderate approach to their visual marketing to voters, according to Assistant Professor of Communication Design Shannon Zenner.

Shannon Zenner, assistant professor of communications design

Zenner’s analysis initially appeared in a recent article titled, “For moderate political candidates, minimalism is the new patriotism,” that appeared in the art and design newsletter Yello and was recently republished by Fast Company, a media outlet focused on technology, business and design. The article by reporter Hunter Schwarz focuses on how some candidates in the middle are taking a more subtle approach to how they present themselves to voters in their marketing materials. 

“The language of the moderates is to not be offensive to either side. So it’s to not have too much red or too much blue,” Zenner told Shwarz. “You don’t want to be too patriotic. How do you do that? You keep it really non-partisan, watered down.”

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