Election results not likely to inhibit N.C. offshore wind projects, Aaron Sparks tells Triangle Business Journal

Sparks, an assistant professor of political science, offered his insights to reporter Lauren Ohnesorge into how politics could impact these energy projects.

Regardless of the outcome of Tuesday’s midterm elections, offshore wind projects supported by the earlier passage of the Inflation Reduction Act are not likely to be impacted, Assistant Professor of Political Science and Policy Studies Aaron Sparks told the Triangle Business Journal this week.

Aaron Sparks, assistant professor of political science and policy studies

Sparks spoke with reporter Lauren Ohnesorge for her article, “From midterm elections to utility companies: Here’s what could stifle NC’s offshore wind future,” and explained that these projects are already in motion.

“I don’t really see much slowing these projects down or blocking them,” Sparks said. “My view nationally is offshore wind is going through federal agencies in the Executive Branch and a major change would not occur until the next Presidential election.”

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