Nick Gozik shares about rebound in study abroad participation with education media outlet Volt

Gozik, dean of global education, talked with Volt about the factors playing into a post-pandemic increase in global experiences

Widespread public health concerns and travel restrictions from the COVID-19 pandemic forced a steep drop in the participation rate of students in global experiences such as study abroad programs.

Nick Gozik, dean of global education and assistant professor

Now that many of those restrictions have eased, with interest in studying international rebound among U.S. college and university students? Elon Dean of Global Education Nick Gozik believes it will.

Gozik shared that view recently with a reporter for Volt, an online education media outlet, offering cautious optimism of a return to pre-pandemic levels.

“The number of study abroad students decreased precipitously during the pandemic. However, there is no indication that the previous trend — which was an upward slope — will not rebound,” Nick Gozik told reporter Ankita Bhanot. “Rather than simply looking at overall numbers, a large focus in the field has been devoted to considering who goes abroad, with a goal of making sure that study abroad is accessible and welcoming to all students. Time will tell whether the downturn is an aberration or the start of a new trend.”

Elon has seen its numbers come back, with opportunities to participate in global experiences woven into an Elon education. “One of the reasons Elon has remained strong in study abroad is due to our institutional culture,” Gozik said. “Students list study abroad as one of the top reasons they come to Elon. Our institution has invested significantly in making sure that funding is available for study away programs through grants and scholarships, many of which are made possible by alumni, parents, and current students.”

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