Vanessa Bravo, Baris Kesgin present research at the International Studies Association annual conference

These Elon associate professors also have leadership roles at ISA's International Communication Section and ISA's Governing Council, respectively.

More than 5,000 researchers get together every year at the International Studies Association (ISA) annual conference, which attracts scholars from all around the world in fields such as international relations, international law, diplomatic studies, foreign policy, political science, human rights, international communication, and many more.

At this year’s conference, held from March 14-18 in Montreal, Canada, Elon University was represented by associate professors Vanessa Bravo (Strategic Communications) and Baris Kesgin (Political Science & Policy Studies).

Baris Kesgin (center) following a research presentation at the “Leaders in Context” panel.

Bravo presented a paper on the impact that two Oscar-winning movies had on the media coverage and country reputation of Mexico and Colombia, a paper she co-authored as first author with a colleague from the Universidad de Las Americas-Puebla, in Mexico. She also organized the 18 research sessions and panels of the International Communication Section (known as ICOMM) as the section’s Program Chair, and, starting in April, she will become ICOMM’s Chair, in charge of advancing the goals and initiatives of the whole section, which has more than 200 members. Additionally, she chaired two ICOMM research sessions, trained the new Section Program Chair, and served as discussant on one session on countries’ reputation, branding and media presence.

Kesgin presented two research papers at the conference, one on military withdrawals and the other on speakers in diplomacy and foreign policy. He is also served as discussant on a session on leaders in foreign policy and on a session on teaching for international engagement. Additionally, he serves at ISA as a member of the organization’s Governing Council and its Innovative Pedagogy Conference Planning Committee.