Charlotte Business Journal offers insights from Dave Bockino on NBA media rights

Bockino, an associate professor of sport management, offered an analysis about how the new owners of the Charlotte Hornets could approach media rights from a revenue standpoint.

With a transition in the ownership of the NBA’s Charlotte Hornets, among the items in flux is how the team could shift its approach to media rights and what that would mean for the bottom line.

Dave Bockino, associate professor of sport management

Associate Professor of Sport Management Dave Bockino recently spoke with the Charlotte Business Journal to offer his analysis of how other teams had changed their approach to media rights during a period when the viewing habits of fans are shifting.

Bockino told Managing Editor Erik Spanberg that the Hornets could benefit from following the lead of the Utah Jazz and Phoenix Suns, which both experimented with moving the broadcast of a number of games to free TV.

“You may sacrifice some short-term revenue, but you might be able to make it up in other ways with more people watching,” Bockino told Spanberg. Going to over-the-air telecasts “is refreshing” because fans are often frustrated by the expense and tangle of subscribing to multiple apps or having to weigh one cable system over another depending on which sports networks are included.

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