The Washington Post features profile of Rebecca Todd Peters

The profile focused on the advocacy of the professor of religious studies to encourage religious institutions to talk more about abortion.

A recent profile of Professor of Religious Studies Rebecca Todd Peters about her work to advocate for more discussion about abortion within a broader range of Christian denominations was featured in The Washington Post.

Professor of Religious Studies Rebecca Todd Peters

The article by Yonat Shimron with Religious News Service titled, “This Presbyterian minister wants churches to talk more about abortion” was republished by the Post and offers a look into Peters’ work as one of the country’s leading ethicists on abortion rights and an ordained Presbyterian minister. As Shimron reports, Peters wants to encourage more liberal Protestant denominations to engage in the discussion about abortion so that the overarching discussion isn’t dominated by Catholics and evangelical Christians.

Her work follows the publication of her 2018 book, “Trust Women: A Progressive Christian Argument for Reproductive Justice.” Peters has written extensively about reproductive justice, and recently penned a column for the “Faith and Leadership” site at Duke University titled, “What you say (and don’t say) about abortion matters.”