Elon announces Leadership Education Faculty Scholars for 2023-24

The Leadership Education Faculty Scholars program supports faculty in incorporating a component on leadership and collaborative group process education into their courses.

Five Elon faculty members have been selected as Leadership Education Faculty Scholars for 2023-24. They will participate in a series of workshops to learn more about leadership education, design a leadership education component to use in a course during the following year, and receive a stipend for their work.

The scholars are:

  • Mustafa Akben, Assistant Professor of Management
  • Sirena Hargrove-Leak, Professor of Engineering
  • Courtney Liu, Assistant Professor of Dance
  • Sandy Marshall, Associate Professor of Geography
  • Ben Murphy, Lecturer in English

At Elon, leadership education is not centrally about giving orders or attaining formal power. Rather, Elon’s approach is relational and collaborative, and focused on helping students develop into ethical, purposive, and inclusive leaders and initiative-takers in organizations and society. This approach is consistent with shifts in the field as leadership education has grown beyond its early focus on formal authority to embrace topics like self-knowledge, informal leadership, effective cooperation, group dynamics, and conflict resolution, which are relevant for students regardless what formal roles they may attain.

The scholars program is led by Raj Ghoshal, Faculty Fellow for Leadership Education and Associate Professor of Sociology. Applications to be a Leadership Education Faculty Scholar go out every spring.  For more information, email rghoshal@elon.edu.