Amanda Sturgill launches ‘Unspun’ podcast to help people understand news

The associate professor of journalism has published two episodes and both cracked Apple Podcasts’ top 100 News Commentary ranking.

Amanda Sturgill, author of “Detecting Deception: Tools to Fight Fake News,” has launched a new podcast this fall examining media literacy and the methods newsmakers use to be deceptive.

Amanda Sturgill’s new podcast, titled “UnSpun,” launched in September with support from MSW Media.

Titled “UnSpun,” the podcast takes a critical look at news and information, delving into real examples – both past and present – of newsmakers attempting to mislead audiences and understanding how they manipulate the truth. The podcast’s title is a reference to undoing media spin.

The associate professor of journalism published her inaugural episode on Sept. 19. It is titled “The funny thing about politics” and features Canadian social media influencer Brittlestar. Two weeks later, Sturgill posted her second episode, “The last straw, man,” featuring disinformation journalist Brooke Binkowski, and delved into spotting media manipulation. Both episodes have ranked among the top 100 News Commentary podcasts in the world by Apple Podcasts.

“I’ve been wanting for quite a while to do something to help media literacy for the general public,” Sturgill said. “The podcast format lets me go into some depth about how the media works and to bring in fun guests.”

Amanda Sturgill smiles against a white background.
Amanda Sturgill

While on sabbatical leave last spring, Sturgill began prepping for the podcast’s launch, which included creating a sample and pitch for MSW Media. “UnSpun” has since joined the podcast network that “shines a light on truth in politics, news, and the arts.”

“I’m grateful to have the chance to learn new things while, at the same time, helping the public to become more resistant to fake news,” Sturgill said.

In addition to teaching classes in journalism, editing, analytics, and the Interactive Media graduate program, Sturgill is a sought-after resource on topics relating to disinformation, deceptive political tactics and social media use. Additionally, she is the author of “We Are #ALTGOV: Social Media Resistance from the Inside,” a book highlighting how and why the #AltGov Twitter movement challenged official governmental statements to inform the American public.

To listen to “UnSpun” on Apple Podcasts, click here.