Marie-Clare Ofoegbu recognized as Outstanding Graduate Student by Association of College Unions International region

Ofoegbu, a Master's of Higher Education student at Elon and graduate apprentice in the Moseley Center, received the inaugural Outstanding Graduate Student award at the ACUI Region III conference.

Elon Master of Arts in Higher Education student Marie-Clare Ofoegbu G’24 received the inaugural Outstanding Graduate Student award at the Association of College Unions International Region III conference. The conference was held from Nov. 8 – 10 in the Student Center on the campus of North Carolina A&T State University.

Marie-Clare Ofoegbu after receiving the award at the regional conference.

In both her graduate studies and her role as graduate apprentice with the Moseley Center, Ofoegbu exhibits an equity mindset that is focused on cultivating inclusive and supportive learning environments that foster student belonging, engagement, and success.

Nominators shared that “Marie-Clare has excelled in her responsibilities for designing and facilitating student manager training. As a first-year graduate student, Marie-Clare intentionally dedicated time to surveying current student employment processes, assessing student staff needs, and gaining insight into organizational culture. Drawing upon her organizational analysis and guided by a desire to redesign the manager training program to reflect changing student culture, needs and expectations, Marie-Clare initiated a redesign of multiple talent management processes, including developing new interview protocols, establishing a new electronic student employee records system, and creating new training modules focused on diversity, equity and inclusion. As a result of her leadership, the student managers have become a more inclusive team and are able to articulate how diversity, equity and inclusion principles influence the Moseley Center experience of student staff and customers.”

Another nominator noted that “Marie-Clare is a lifelong learner who demonstrates intellectual curiosity and a commitment to integrating her graduate studies and professional practice. She embodies the notion of the scholar-practitioner. For example, applying data collection and assessment knowledge gained in her graduate course work, Marie-Clare frequently volunteers to facilitate assessment focus groups, gaining valuable information on the Moseley Center’s most important constituency – Elon students. Additionally, seeking to advance her understanding of campus operations and institutional culture, Marie-Clare pursues opportunities to attend meetings or participate in committees beyond the explicit scope of her apprenticeship role, adding value to these spaces with her good questions and new perspectives.”

Lauren Peterson, Moseley student manager said “MC is so deserving of the Outstanding Graduate Assistant Award with her hard work, dedication, and commitment to improving the Moseley Center with a holistic outlook. As my supervisor, she has helped me to grow in a manager position by exemplifying what true leadership looks like, by being an exemplar role model and providing guidance that has helped me to succeed in my own position. While her contributions are numerous, she has brought forth many great ideas for promoting inclusivity and diversity in our student center to make it a welcoming place for all.”

Elon alum Jaelen Price ’23, who previously served as Moseley student manager, said that “Marie Clare is someone who undoubtedly wakes up every day and decides to give more than 100%. There were many days when I remember her being tired but staying to work on projects and brainstorm ways for her depart to continually evolve for the better. Not to mention she is an amazing and supportive friend with a contagious laugh.”

Beyond her work for the Moseley Center, Ofoegbu exhibits a commitment to learning through active engagement in professional development. She moderated an educational session in her first year as a graduate student, facilitated a roundtable discussion at the 2023 Elon Intersect conference and presented two workshops in her second year. Ofoegbu is passionate about learning and actively looks for ways to support the learning and success of student mentees, peers, and professional colleagues.

Support from Rozana Carducci, graduate director of the Master of Arts in Higher Education program, was been instrumental in the nomination process. Moseley professional and student staff are thrilled that Ofoegbu was chosen for this award in recognition of the time and talent she has shared with the students within and around Moseley.