Mathew Gendle authors essay on U.S. tourism in Sri Lanka

The Director of Project Pericles at Elon published the essay in the journal Tourism in Paradise.

Director of Project Pericles and Professor of Psychology Mathew Gendle authored an essay appearing in the most recent issue of the journal Tourism in Paradise.

Mat Gendle, professor of psychology and director of Project Pericles

Published by the Department of Tourism Management, Faculty of Management Studies at Sabaragamuwa University of Sri Lanka, Tourism in Paradise provides a forum for academics, travel and hospitality industry professionals, government officials and university students to engage in constructive dialogue about economic development and ethical practice related to tourism in South Asia.

In this work, entitled “Factors limiting the return of United States tourists to Sri Lanka,” Gendle discusses multiple reasons why tourist visits from the U.S. to Sri Lanka have not returned to their pre-pandemic levels. Additionally, several strategies are offered that the Sri Lankan tourism sector can employ to increase business from the U.S.

Full-text of the essay can be accessed here.

The full citation for this essay is:

Gendle, M. (2024). Factors limiting the return of United States tourists to Sri Lanka. Tourism in Paradise, 6, 49-51.