Meet Elon Day Champion Charlie Chandler ’97

The support of Elon Day Champions is critical to the success of Elon Day, which each year generates support for Elon students.

For many years, Elon Day’s success has been driven by volunteers who have helped secure thousands of gifts and raised millions of dollars for Elon students.

Chandler ’97 with his son

One of these Elon Day Champions is Charlie Chandler ‘97, an Elon alum and former student-athlete on the Elon football team. Last year, Chandler was approached by Coach Tony Trisciani about representing the Elon football team as an Elon Day champion.

“It was something that I loved to do being a former student-athlete,” Chandler said. “I am really big on giving back in all aspects of life and it felt right.”

Chandler described being an Elon Day Champion as a time to reconnect and celebrate with players of the past while also citing the difficulties of fundraising.

“I know asking people to give back can be tough, but spreading the word and being an advocate for the cause is huge,” he said.

Like many Elon Day Champions, Chandler’s goal was to spread the news of Elon Day and inspiring others to give, as to Chandler, Elon is more than just a school.

Chandler ’97 with his wife, Tracy

“It is where it started,” he said. “I met my wife, Tracy, who was the class president in 2000 and had the chance to cheer for a year. We have made many trips to Elon and have loved how it has grown but has kept the same identity. Elon was the school that gave me, just a guy from a small town in Mississippi, a chance to grow and develop into the man I am today.”

Chandler urges others who are interested in helping to raise money for Elon Day.

“Give it a try! It is truly an honor to be asked to lead and give back,” he said. “You never know what a little bit of time and effort can do to change a future Elon Student-Athlete.”

Learn more about being an Elon Day Champion! Elon Day Champions will receive:

  • A personalized fundraising page
  • A T-shirt when making a gift (to be received after Elon Day)
  • All the tools they need to be successful, such as:
    • Zoom training
    • Digital swag