Elon DPT students, graduates & faculty present research at the 2024 American Physical Therapy Association Combined Sections Meeting

The Department of Physical Therapy Education has continued its stellar presence at the prestigious American Physical Therapy Association’s Combined Sections Meeting this February in Boston.

The Elon University Department of Physical Therapy Education continued its stellar presence at the prestigious American Physical Therapy Association’s annual Combined Sections Meeting at this year’s gathering in February in Boston.

Eight abstracts on diverse topics ranging from Cardiovascular & Pulmonary, Geriatrics, Neurology, Pelvic Health and Sports sections were accepted for presentation. Six of the eight presentations were done by current 3rd year DPT students. Several Elon DPT graduates also attended and presented at the conference.

2024 Combined Session Meeting Presentations from Elon

(presenting author names bolded)

Educational Sessions

Cardiovascular and Pulmonary Research: The Year 2023 in Review

Hannah McHugh G’17

The Female Overhead Athlete: Sex- and Sport-Specific Considerations for Rehabilitation

Natalie Myers, Chelsea Leonard Martin G’19, Amanda Arnold, Ellen Shanley

Platform presentations

Trends in heart rate variability during pregnancy and postpartum in recreational runners

James Gerosa, Koehna Jordan, Haley Langley, Liam McCullough, Srikant Vallabhajosula, Svetlana Nepocatych, Shefali Christopher, Angela Spontelli Gisselman

Collecting Comprehensive Performance Metrics Is Possible with a Concise Test Battery

Kayleigh Harwell Beach, Logan Deese, Travis Woerner, Haley Becker, Mary Kay Hannah, John Magill

Tandem Gait While Dual Tasking in Collegiate Athletes at Baseline and Post Concussion

Ashlyn Loring, Amy Smelko, Amber Olson, Caroline Ketcham, Eric Hall, Srikant Vallabhajosula

Poster presentations

Prevalence of MetS in High School Seniors and Predictors of Carotid Femoral Pulse Wave Velocity

Caroline Guill, John Magill, Svetlana Nepocatych

Caroline also won the Catherine Worthingham Student Scholarship for her presentation at the conference.

Graded Treadmill Test to Assess Exercise Intolerance in Older Adults: A Pilot Study

Crystal Ramsey, Karen McCulloch, Deanna DeMarco, Allie Knuckles G’23, Vicki Mercer

Comparing Obstacle Clearance in Virtual and Mixed Reality Environments in Older Adults

Alexander Japit, Matthew Lawler, Christopher Go, Alicia Wilson, Stacey Walton, Oliver Tuisa, Pratheep Paranthaman, Srikant Vallabhajosula, Alys Giordano

Does Dual Tasking Change Obstacle Clearance Patterns for Older Adults in Mixed Reality?

Matthew Lawler, Christopher Go, Alicia Wilson, Alexander Japit, Oliver Tuisa, Stacey Walton, Alys Giordano, Pratheep Paranthaman, Srikant Vallabhajosula

Use of the Optimal Theory to Facilitate Confidence and Increase Independence Following a Hemorrhagic Stroke

Deanna DeMarco G’23, Dustin Patrick, Oliver Tuisa, Crystal Ramsey

Scenes from the conference:

Elon DPT students relishing their APTA CSM 2024 Conference Experience.
3rd year DPT students Koehna Jordan, Harwell Beach and Ashlyn Loring doing their platform presentations at the APTA CSM 2024 Meeting.
3rd year DPT students Caroline Guill, Matt Lawler and Alex Japit presented their posters at the APTA CSM 2024 Meeting.
Recent graduates from Elon DPT Program Deanna DeMarco and Allie Knuckles presented their research with Dr. Crystal Ramsey at the APTA CSM 2024 Meeting.
Students, graduates, faculty and friends of Elon DPT Program at the social gathering