From Stars to Stanzas: Physics Lecturer Claudine R. Moreau Unveils Celestial Poetry Collection

Physics Lecturer, Claudine R. Moreau, debuts her astronomy/physics themed poetry collection

Claudine R. Moreau, Lecturer in Physics and Faculty Director of Historic Neighborhood announces her debut full-length poetry collection, “Demise of Pangaea.”

Cover of “Demise of Pangaea” by Physics Department Lecturer, Claudine Moreau.

Published by the Charlotte-based Main Street Rag Publications in April 2024, Moreau’s book seamlessly merges themes of astronomy, physics and geology into stunning and often stark tapestries of verse. The collection was praised by Keith Flynn, founder and editor of The Asheville Poetry Review:

“In the collection, the fragile humans are like continents pulled apart by the gravity of their appetites and circumstances. Claudine Moreau negotiates her orbit around and through her life’s collisions and mergers with a mixture of wonder and hard-won truth in rhythmic sentences that oscillate as they sing us forward. Her lines reverberate with scientific themes that ebb and flow like the tides, folding their edges into the reader’s taut subconscious, foaming with quiet surprises over and over.”

Moreau is set to share her cosmos-inspired poems with audiences across the state in the coming year with readings scheduled at bookstores and various venues.