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McCrory staff demanding payment for public records

November 26, 2013

From the Associated Press (11/26/2013): Gov. Pat McCrory's administration has interpreted state law to allow a "special service charge" for any record request that takes more than 30 minutes to fulfill. The charges are unprecedented. 

Wilson Times: Attorney general to referee records dispute with town

November 11, 2013

From The Wilson Times (11/11/2013): The N.C. Department of Justice and Office of the State Chief Information Officer will review complaints about the town charging more than $20 an hour for records requests that take more than 30 minutes to fulfill. 

Wilson Times: Town of Middlesex should strive for openness

October 21, 2013

From the Wilson Times (10/18/2013): The town of Middlesex adopted a policy 

in January charging  up to $26 an hour for public records requests to be fulfilled. The paper says Attorney General Roy Cooper said he has "real concerns" about the fees and that the Department of Justice would investigate. 

Forest Hills town council votes by secret ballot 

October 11, 2013

The Sylva Herald (10/10/2013): In considering a vacancy on the town council, the board decided to appoint a new member by using paper ballots without recording how each member voted.  

NC Health News: Public records show selective editing of Medicaid defense 

October 8, 2013


From North Carolina Health News (10/8/2013): Track changes in Word documents show that incoming Medicaid head Carol Steckel heavily edited a Department of Health and Human Services departmental response to a state audit. The final version ommitted defenses of Medicaid spending.