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Winter 2021: The Art of Decision-Making

February 19, 2021

President Connie Ledoux Book talks about the four practices Elon has historically relied on to make effective decisions: feedback, paying attention to the higher education landscape, timely planning and a focus on student learning.

Fall 2020: Together on a Life Journey

October 19, 2020

President Connie Ledoux Book reflects on the pandemic and finding inspiration in the individual journeys of members of the Elon community and the university's communal sense of purpose.

Summer 2020: A new, stronger Elon

June 22, 2020

President Connie Ledoux Book reflects on how Elon adapted to the pandemic and how the community was strengthened by this collective crisis.

WEEE hosts virtual meeting with President Connie Book

May 26, 2020

The Elon University president discussed career development skills in the wake of a national pandemic and shared personal insights from her own career with members of the Women of the Elon Entertainment Empire.