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Videoconferencing technology available for educational uses

May 5, 2009

If a guest speaker can’t make it to an Elon classroom from across the country, campus technology staff members have another solution: bring the class to the speaker. How? Ship them a video conference unit that plugs right into an Internet connection.

Got the time? GPS gives BioBus riders more info

September 1, 2008

Students waiting for an Elon University BioBus can now learn from their stop exactly how long a wait it is before the next bus arrives. Starting this fall, riders can call a telephone number on the bus stop sign, punch in a code from the same placard, then get an update on the next two buses scheduled to pick up at that location.

Campus safety features added for 2008-09

August 27, 2008

Technology upgrades, from video cameras in parking lots to new procedures for using library computers, have enhanced campus security as students return to the university for the start of the fall semester.

New program helps Elon track records in digital format

October 19, 2007

Elon employees copy thousands of documents each year, from student applications to worker resumes to purchase receipts. All those photocopiers may soon get a lighter workload. The university purchased a program this month that allows millions of documents to be stored in electronic format, a move to both help the environment and increase staff efficiency.

Elon to students: Keep personal info protected online

October 17, 2007

The university has launched a new effort to warn students of the dangers of posting personal data to online social networking sites. Student workers in the technology office scoured Facebook to find classmates whose room location was viewable by the public, and starting this week, school officials are reminding those who do not protect that information of the risks they incur.