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Professor gives sexual objectification a critical look in new book

January 20, 2011

It’s a common view among feminists that in today’s society, women are frequently depicted in advertising, art and media as little more than sex “objects” for men. But is that the right description? Ann J. Cahill, a professor of philosophy, doesn’t think so, and her new book Overcoming Objectification: A Carnal Ethics offers an evolved viewpoint for critiquing the portrayal of women in the 21st century.

Ann Cahill publishes book about objectification

December 16, 2010

Ann J. Cahill, professor and chair in the Department of Philsophy, has published her new book, Overcoming Objectification: A Carnal Ethics. The book has been released by Routledge as part of its Research in Gender and Society series.

Professor’s book reexamines 19th century American painters

August 25, 2010

For decades, art historians ignored the work of impressionist painters who used their talent to paint scenes of domestic life in 19th century America. A forthcoming book by associate professor Kirstin Ringelberg argues that it’s time for scholars to reexamine these paintings, which depict a more complex story of the time normally seen to show women simply as “decorative” objects.