Ringelberg co-chairs panel on art, manga and video games

Associate Professor of Art History Kirstin Ringelberg is co-chairing a panel February 10 at the flagship art history and art conference, College Art Association, in New York.

 The panel, entitled “Cel-Culture: Hybrid Intersections of Art, Video Games, and Manga,” addresses increased artistic output inspired by or created from anime, manga and graphic novels, “costume play,” and video game culture.

Panel presentations look at the relationships between contemporary art, online gaming, and the Chinese political scene; the gendering of otaku stereotypes; the constructed notions of self and other, both personally and globally, created through
absorption in and by manga and anime; and the problematic appropriations of Japanese anime and manga characters and concepts by American and European artists in gendered, raced, and economic terms.

Ringelberg co-chaired this panel with Michael Salmond, senior lecturer at Northumbria University, UK.