The My Departments page is only available to Today at Elon department administrators. To request this capability, please contact

Today at Elon offers registered users that have been designated as department administrators to ability to manage articles that have been submitted to their department feeds.

Pending Articles

The pending articles section allows department administrators to approve department-only articles. Department-only articles are articles that only have a department selected, and no Today at Elon categories. These are typically articles that are meant to only display on a department website news feed, and not within the main Today at Elon website.

To review and approve a department-only article, click on the article title in the pending articles list and you’ll be directed to the edit screen where you can edit and publish the article.

Published Articles

As a department administrator, you also have the ability to manage articles that have already been published. Similar to the My Articles page, simply hover over any of the articles in the published list to display the “View” and “Edit” options.

Reordering Articles in Department Feeds

Department administrators have the ability to modify the order articles will display in their department website news feeds. To reorder your department articles, simply click and hold on the sort icons on the left side of the list, then drag your articles in the desired order.

Article List Paging

Similar to the My Articles page, if your department has more than 20 articles, you can navigate through the list at the top and bottom of the article list.

Top Paging Section

Bottom Paging Section

Searching & Filtering Department Articles

Similar to the My Articles page, Today at Elon provides a way for you to narrow down your department articles list by searching and filtering.

Filtering Options

  • My Departments: If you manage more than one department, you can switch between the departments using the My Departments filter.
  • Search Department Articles: Search your department articles by keyword.
  • Filter by Status: Filter your department articles by article status (published, scheduled, hidden)
  • Published After: Filter your department articles that were published after a specific date
  • Published Before: Filter your department articles that were published before a specific date
  • Sort By Date: Order your department articles list by descending or ascending date