Today at Elon offers registered users the ability to manage their drafts, articles, want ads and profile from one page. The Dashboard replaces the My Articles page in E-net, and provides users more options.


An Overview provides the ability to easily display the list of Pending Articles, Published Articles, Scheduled Articles, Hidden Articles, Drafts and Want Ads.

Clicking on any of the options display above will direct you to the “My Articles” page, filtered by the article status selected or Want Ads you’ve submitted.

Articles by Status

Today at Elon provides an “at a glance” view of all your articles in various stages of approval. Each box will display up to five of your most recent articles for each status. If you have more than five articles in a given status, a “View All” link will display directing you to the “My Articles” page filtered by that status.

Status Definitions

  1. Draft Articles: Articles that have not been submitted for approval. By saving an article as a draft, you can save your work without submitting the article for approval, and edit the article at any time.
  2. Pending Articles: Articles that have been submitted, but are still awaiting approval.
  3. Scheduled Articles: Articles that have been submitted and have been approved, but are scheduled to publish at a future date.
  4. Published Articles: Articles that have been submitted, approved, and are currently live on Today at Elon.

Want Ads

Similar to the article status boxes, the Want Ads box will display your five most recent ads. If you have more than five Want Ads, a “View All” link will appear linking you to your “My Want Ads” page.

My Departments

Important: For department administrators only.

If you have been designated as a Today at Elon administrator for your department, your dashboard will contain the “My Departments” box, containing a list of all the departments you’re an administrator for.

Clicking on any of the departments in this list will direct you to the “My Departments” page, where you can manage articles for your department.

My Profile

Within the My Profile section, you can set your default Display Name and Author Type, both of which will be featured on the page of articles you authored once they are published.