Today at Elon offers registered users the ability to manage and search for all draft, pending, scheduled, and published articles in one place for the currently logged in user.

Default My Articles List

If you navigated directly to the My Articles page, it will display a list of articles you authored that have been published.

If you were brought to the My Articles page by clicking on one of the article statuses in the dashboard Overview box, or one of the specific status box “View All” links, the article list will be pre-filtered for the selected status.

Article List Paging

By default the article list will display the most recent 20 articles you’ve authored. If you have more than 20 articles, you can navigate through them at both the top and bottom of the article list.

The top pagination section allowed you to click “previous” and “next” arrows to view another 20 articles.

The bottom pagination section allows you to click a specific page to view another 20 articles.

Managing Articles

You can manage your articles by hovering over a specific article, and selecting “View” or “Edit”.

Searching & Filtering Articles

To narrow down your article list, we’ve provided a way to both search and filter directly on the My Articles page. Choose any of the available options, and click the “Filter Articles” button to search/filter all the articles and drafts you’ve submitted.

Filter Options

  • Search Your Articles: Search your articles by keywords
  • Filter By Status: Filter your articles by status (draft, pending, scheduled, published, hidden)
  • Filter By Category: Filter your articles by any of the available Today at Elon categories
  • Filter By Department: Filter your articles by any of the available departments
  • Published After: Filter your articles that were published after a specific date
  • Published Before: Filter your articles that were published before a specific date
  • Sort By Date: Order your articles list by descending or ascending date