The Diversity Course Database (DCD) is a tool created to use as a resource to identify diversity-related courses at Elon University.  The DCD identifies courses according to the way they address diversity using the following seven dimensions of diversity:

  • RACE, including race, ethnicity, and national culture
  • CLASS, including social and economic class, as well as inequity and power relations
  • GENDER, including gender issues, gender roles, gender identity, and women’s studies
  • SEXUAL ORIENTATION, including sexual identity, human sexuality, and LGBTQIA studies
  • RELIGION, including religion, spirituality, secularism, and belief systems
  • ABILITY, including ability, access, and disability rights
  • GLOBAL, including nationality, globalization, and international dynamics

This works to reflect an intersectional engagement and framing of the dimensions of diversity in the assessment of included courses. This may be used for advising and planning by faculty, staff, or students.

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