The success of Elon’s plan to regather the community on campus depends on creating a deep culture of care for every member of the community. We must be diligent—in every hour of every day and in each personal decision we make—to safeguard our own health and the health of others.

Health Requirements

Learn about the requirements we are adopting, including participation in the Schar Center Health Check-In and COVID-19 testing prior to and throughout the semester; details about our training designed to support a healthy campus this fall; our shared commitment to protect ourselves, each other and the community for a healthy Elon; and our new health screening app that allows us to monitor our own health every day.

Required Testing for COVID-19

To participate in fall semester, all students, faculty and staff must complete a PCR COVID-19 testing before arriving on campus. Learn about our extensive program of screening, testing and tracing that all members of the Elon community will be required to participate in throughout the semester.

COVID-19 Training Modules & Statements

These brief modules include key information to support a healthy campus this fall, including training on face coverings, health, hygiene, daily health screening, cleaning protocols, COVID-19 testing, the Schar Center Health Check-In, the Healthy Elon Commitment and disclosure statements.

Schar Center Health Check-In

All the details about what students, faculty and staff should expect when arriving at Schar Center for their Ready & Resilient Health Check-In.

Health Screening App

Use our app to complete a health checkup before being on campus each day and find resources regarding COVID-19 questions.

Face Covering Policy

When you need to wear a face covering, what the alternatives to masks are and how we all are empowered to hold each other accountable.

Additional Resources

In addition to wearing face coverings, physical distancing and good hygiene are essential to protecting yourself and others to minimize the risk of contracting and/or spreading COVID-19. Be informed about the existing protocols for notification and tracing; health guidelines and precautions you can follow; expectations about cleanliness and hygiene; and quarantine/isolation protocols and procedures we have put in place in case you get sick.

COVID-19 Dashboard

Your hub for updates about the number of cases on campus, contact tracing and notification protocols and testing requirements.

If You Become Ill

What to do if you report COVID-19 symptoms or have been exposed to the virus based on protocols established by Elon University and health officials.

Quarantine & Isolation

An overview of Elon’s isolation and quarantine procedures as well as resources available for students while they are in quarantine.

Your Healthy Habits

Follow these guidelines and take these precautions at all times to prevent the spread of the virus.

Campus Cleaning Standards

How to take responsibility for cleanliness and hygiene as a community to keep others healthy and safe.

Travel & Visitor Policies

Expectations for student, faculty and staff travel restrictions and accommodations for visitors who want to enjoy outdoor spaces on campus.