COVID-19 Statistics at Elon


Cumulative total of laboratory-confirmed cases at Elon (includes both active cases and those who have recovered)

Elon University maintains this page to inform the community about the number of COVID-19 cases among students, faculty and staff who are on campus. These are cases reported to the university physician and verified by a laboratory test. In cases where a student or employee fails to disclose to the university that they have tested positive, the university will have no way of knowing and communicating that information. Therefore, the information on this dashboard includes only positive cases that the university has been made aware of.

Confidentiality laws prohibit the university from disclosing any identifying information about affected individuals. Any individual who has tested positive will be isolated, and anyone believed to be at risk for exposure will be contacted and asked to self-quarantine.

COVID-19 case reports:

  • July 21, 2020: Undergraduate student, on-campus housing
  • July 11, 2020: Three undergraduate students, one in on-campus housing and two in off-campus housing
  • June 27, 2020: Staff member
  • June 24, 2020: Staff member
  • June 18, 2020: Staff member
  • June 13, 2020: Undergraduate student, on-campus housing
  • May 29, 2020: Undergraduate student, on-campus housing

Testing for COVID-19

To participate in fall semester at Elon, all students, faculty and staff must complete COVID-19 testing before arriving on campus. Elon is implementing an extensive program of screening, testing and tracing that all members of the Elon community will be required to participate in. Read the details of these plans.

Notification of COVID-19 Cases

In the event of a confirmed case of COVID-19, the university will follow contact tracing and notification protocols as directed by local and state health authorities. Identified contacts will receive guidance about monitoring and testing per the university’s Infectious Disease Response Plan and at the direction of the Alamance County Health Department.

Contact tracing may include notification of:

  • Close personal contacts identified by the confirmed positive individual
  • Those in close housing proximity with the student (roommate, suitemates, apartment mates, those who may share a bath)
  • Classmates, university staff and faculty members with whom the individual may have come in contact while contagious
  • Members of student organizations with whom the individual may have come in contact while contagious
  • On-campus employers with whom the individual may have come in contact while contagious

The North Carolina Dashboard

The North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services maintains a COVID-19 dashboard that is updated daily. The NCDHHS also provides information about how it defines and collects data for the dashboard.