All students, faculty and staff who report COVID-19 symptoms or who are exposed to the virus must follow the testing, contact tracing and quarantine protocols established by Elon University, the Alamance County Health Department and the State of North Carolina.

If you feel ill or experience symptoms of COVID-19:

  • Avoid all contact with others. Stay at home and in your room. Do not go to class, work, dining halls, etc.
  • Students: Call Student Health Services at 336-278-7230. After hours, follow the guidance on Student Health Services website.
  • Faculty Staff: Contact your healthcare provider or Faculty/Staff Wellness if you do not have another health care provider.

When a student becomes infected with COVID-19, our focus will be to ensure the student receives medical care and personal support. If you think there is any chance you have COVID-19 symptoms, or if you do not pass the daily health screening app, it is very important to step forward.

The university’s goal will be to provide care and support. Similarly, the contact tracing process will be based on care and support. Could a positive case of COVID-19 result in up to 14 days of quarantine? Yes. But Elon staff and faculty will be there to support you.

Summer Medical Care

If you have a medical emergency call 9-1-1. Student Health Services does not provide clinical services over the summer months. If you are in the Elon area or on campus and need medical care, a list of local resources is provided on the Health Services website: Health Services Resources for Summer.

If you experience COVID-19 Symptoms and begin to feel ill, first refrain from direct contact with others until you consult with a healthcare provider. Students who are not in the Elon area or on campus should consult their healthcare provider or local hospital for directions if they begin to experience symptoms of COVID-19. Directions for students who are on campus and begin to experience symptoms of COVID-19 may be found on the Health Services Website.

Details about fall semester health services protocols will be announced in the future.