Elon is committed to providing on-going support for students in quarantine on and off campus due to COVID-19. Here are some of the support processes designed to assist any student who may be asked to remain in a quarantine space while seeking treatment or testing. Read about Elon’s notification and contact tracing or visit the Student Care and Outreach website for additional resources available to students.

If a Student Feels Ill or Experiences COVID-19 Symptoms

Contact Health Services for a virtual screening; do not come to the office. Follow directions as posted on the Student Health Services website to have a virtual screening with a health provider.

Living Situation

  • Students who need to be isolated or quarantined will be isolated in a single bedroom with a bathroom that is not shared with another person.
    • Students living in a single residence hall or apartment room with a bathroom that is not shared with another person, will be directed to quarantine in their current living situation.
    • Students living in a shared residence hall or apartment room or with a shared bathroom will be moved to one of our quarantine/isolation spaces on campus or a local hotel room off-campus. A member of the Student Life Staff will reach out to the student to coordinate logistics, key access to the quarantine space, meals, classes, etc.
  • A student who desires to go home to isolate/quarantine (and the health department approves), can leave their belongings in their residence hall room or Elon apartment and go home.
  • Students who live off campus will be directed to quarantine in their off campus location.*
  • Information about other resources for students (i.e. laundry services, pharmacies that deliver, library resources, etc.) will be posted on the Student Care and Outreach page in the next couple of weeks.

*Student Care & Outreach staff will reach out to students living off campus and maintain daily contact throughout the quarantine period. Dining Services will deliver meals to off campus (locally) if a student order meals. 


Student life staff will work with quarantined students on campus to have meals delivered to their residence hall room or on-campus apartment and debited from their meal plan or charged to their student account (if they do not have a meal plan). Meals will also be delivered to our partner hotels where some students might be quarantined. If students require items beyond the dining services delivery options or are off campus, they will be able to use a variety of grocery and restaurant delivery services. Those resources will be posted on the Student Care and Outreach web page by mid-August.

Daily Check-Ins by Staff

As a matter of precaution, students in isolation should not have direct contact with others, except in a medical emergency. Throughout their quarantine period, students in quarantine will receive a daily “check-in” call from a staff member to provide non-medical assistance. Students can also set up virtual check-ins with Health Services staff. Although physically most students will not require any medical intervention beyond symptomatic treatment, students will also be provided information about contacting Student Health Services for a virtual visit  if their condition worsens while they are in quarantine or contacting 9-1-1 in case of an emergency.

It will also be important for family members and friends to keep in phone/video contact with quarantined/isolated students to keep their spirits up and provide support.


Once a student is advised by a healthcare provider or the Alamance County Health Department to isolate and the Student Care and Outreach staff is advised, the Student Life staff will advise the students’ faculty members that the student should plan to participate in classes and academic assignments remotely during the required isolation period. Students should also contact faculty to ask about how to connect and continue coursework during quarantine.

Leaving Belongings in Residence Halls

If the university was forced to shift to remote learning with students returning home for the remainder of the term, students could leave their belongings in their residence hall room or on-campus apartment in anticipation for a return to on-campus classes in the Winter/Spring.

Quarantine Kit: Supplies to Bring to School this Fall

Students and families are encouraged to bring their own pre-packed Quarantine Supply Kit that includes:

  • Cleaning supplies (ex. antibacterial spray or wipes, window cleaner)
  • At least 5 washable face coverings (required on campus)
  • Hand soap/sanitizer
  • Facial tissues
  • Non-perishable foods for your room
  • Bottled water
  • First-aid kit
  • Trash bags
  • Toilet paper/paper towels
  • Thermometer
  • Personal hygiene products
  • Utensils
  • Medical information (i.e. insurance information)

Additional specific assistance and guidance for those in isolation and quarantine are posted on the Student Care and Outreach site.

If You Must Quarantine Prior to Fall Semester

Participation in Orientation

New Student Program is excited to welcome our newest students to Elon, especially those who are participating in Orientation activities at a distance. New students in quarantine will be given access to most orientation meetings and activity recordings so they can engage in a self-paced transition to the Elon community. Convocation and other major events will be both live-streamed  and recorded. Orientation Leaders will reach out to new students participating at a distance to ensure they are connected and to provide a resource for any questions they might have about their new career at Elon.

Transition to On-Campus Housing

Residence Life is committed to making student’s on-campus arrival as smooth as possible, even if they are delayed based on their need to quarantine. Housing assignments will be held for students and communication about the delayed arrival will be given to roommates (if applicable) and appropriate staff. Students will also be invited to participate in virtual community building events when possible. Residence Life will communicate to students and their families about how and when to check into their rooms upon their arrival.

Participation in Classes

Elon’s faculty have been diligently preparing their classes to allow for temporary remote learning for students who may be directed to quarantine at any point during the semester. In most cases, students in quarantine can begin their classes remotely and transition to in-class participation when they arrive on campus.  To assist in communicating with faculty,  the Assistant Dean of Students will send a notification to a student’s faculty sharing that the student will be working remotely for a period of time (including dates) and encouraging proactive, open communication between the student and the faculty member. The Assistant Dean of Students is also available to provide guidance, resources and options if symptoms prevent a student from participating in remote learning.