Travel Policies

All on-campus students and students in the surrounding area are strongly discouraged from travel in the winter and spring semesters. Faculty and staff are also encouraged to limit personal and professional travel.

  • Student organization sponsored travel, including all overnight travel regardless of location, has been canceled for the remainder of the academic year, with the exception of travel that is carefully monitored and has been approved by the Dean of Students.
  • Faculty/staff travel should be limited to only essential business and must be approved by a dean or vice president. All essential travel must be registered with the appropriate supervisor and must include a safety plan.
  • Individuals and groups must not travel to any international location deemed as a risk by the U.S. State Department or the CDC.
  • Students or organizations who promote or sponsor off campus travel or trips may be subject to disciplinary action up to and including suspension.

End of Semester Travel

It is important to safely prepare to depart and travel at the end of the semester. Prior to departure, students should be vigilant in their safety practices regarding face masks, physical distancing and gathering with others. Many students may be asymptomatic and not even know that they are carrying the virus. This can present enhanced concerns as students travel and return home to spend the remainder of the term with loved ones


Limit exposure to others for two full weeks prior to your departure. You should be hyper-vigilant about your interactions with others to avoid coming in to contact with the virus. The safest choice is to avoid leaving your residence hall/apartment/house except to go to safely go to class, get meals, exercise safely or seek medical attention. You should also limit your social interactions with others who may be asymptomatic and not know they are carrying the virus.

Avoid the use of public transportation if possible. There are heightened concerns about using public modes of transportation (planes, train, bus) and the spread of the virus over the next few weeks. If you must use public transportation to travel, you should limit your risk of exposure for two weeks prior to departure, get tested 72 hours ahead of your departure and self-isolate until your negative test results are posted.

Get a flu shot. If you have not received a flu shot at one of our on-campus clinics, we recommend you get a flu shot two weeks prior to departure. Flu shots are currently being offered at all local pharmacies including Target. There is usually no out of pocket cost with an insurance card. If you receive a flu shot off campus, upload the results to your Phoenix Health portal as soon as possible.

Visitor Policies

Elon’s renowned campus remains open to the public and guests are welcome to enjoy outdoor spaces as long as they maintain physical distancing standards and avoid unauthorized large gatherings. Approved gatherings that are mission-driven utilize guidelines around face coverings, hygiene, significantly reduced attendance and capacity counts, and physical distancing to keep the community safe.

Prospective Students Visits

Elon continues to welcome to campus prospective students and their families. Please report to the Inman Admissions Welcome Center for campus visits. There you will be informed about the campus physical distancing protocols and requirements for protective face coverings.

The Inn at Elon

The Inn at Elon is open to the public and incorporates extensive cleaning and physical distancing protocols in keeping with all university standards and requirements.

Campus Facilities & Programs

Campus facilities and programs that normally welcome external guests, including Belk Library, Campus Recreation & Wellness, Turner Theater, dining facilities, residence halls, Moseley Center and other similar facilities are limiting access only to Phoenix Card holders. We regret that community members who normally access these facilities will not be permitted until further notice.

Performing Arts & Cultural Programs

Performing arts programs, cultural programs, lectures and lyceum events are open to the campus community (Phoenix Card holders) with adjusted attendance maximums to support physical distancing. More details are available on the cultural calendar website.

Other Large Events

Other large events that normally attract large numbers of guests to the Elon campus are being held virtually.