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Six faculty members named Sustainability Scholars

The newest cohort of scholars will participate in a program that helps faculty integrate sustainability into an existing course.

Elon University faculty tour the Loy Farm on South Campus.

Faculty members from six departments have been selected as the newest cohort of Sustainability Faculty Scholars. 

Scholars this spring will identify a course that he or she would like to modify to include a sustainability component. Through the program, scholars are then provided resources to modify their selected classes, which are taught the following academic year. 

The new scholars are:

  • Beth Evans, Exercise Science
  • Tom Hoban, Environmental Science
  • Pamela Runestad, Anthropology
  • Carri Tolmie, International Business
  • Nicole Triche, Communications
  • Scott Wolter, Engineering

With scholars from more than 15 different disciplines, the program demonstrates and facilitates the understanding that sustainability is relevant to students in a variety of disciplines, not just those pursuing environmental studies.

The program also connects faculty to colleagues outside their department. “Being a Sustainability Scholar connected me with other like-minded colleagues," said current scholar Scott Morrison, an assistant professor in the School of Education. "I have formed new friendships and research collaborators across campus.”

“The academic support you find is only one aspect of participating in the program," added Carmen Monico, an assistant professor of human services studies and another current Sustainability Scholar. "Being part of this community within campus was for me like 'getting back home' every time I got together with current and past scholars, as well as the faculty administrator.”

The program was developed by Associate Professor Janet MacFall, director of the Center for Environmental Studies; Michael Strickland, a lecturer in English; Pam Kiser, Watts/Thompson Professor, professor of human service studies and Distinguished University Professor; and Peter Felten, assistant provost and director of the Center for the Advancement of Teaching and Learning. 

The program is facilitated by Michele Kleckner, the Sustainability Faculty Fellow and senior lecturer in computing sciences, with assistance from the Office of Sustainability.

Applications to be a Sustainability Faculty Scholar go out every fall.  For more information about the program visit the webpage or contact Michele Kleckner

Eric Townsend,
12/19/2014 8:00 AM