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Kara Johnson '13 wins a car on NBC’s 'The Tonight Show'

The Elon University graduate was selected as the winner of the Lexus Vine Challenge, presented by the Jimmy Fallon-hosted program. Her Vine video was recognized during the late-night show’s April 10 telecast.

After "Tonight Show" host Jimmy Fallon announced that Kara Johnson ’13 won the late-night show’s Lexus Vine Challenge, the following graphic appeared on screen.

​Elon University alumna Kara Johnson ’13 won a new car on television on April 10 and the experience didn’t involve “The Price is Right” or a showcase showdown.

Instead, the media arts and entertainment and music technology double major put her video and musical skills to the test in the Lexus Vine Challenge, hosted by NBC’s “The Tonight Show."

In mid-March, “The Tonight Show” announced a 17-day competition to allow fans a chance to win a new car by entering a rap video on Vine, explaining why they needed a Lexus NX 200t F SPORT. Participants, including Johnson, used the hashtag, #TonightShowLexusContest.

In her six-second clip, the alumna rapped over a hip-hop beat, detailing her financial situation and that her current vehicle has no temperature gauge or working air conditioning.

On his April 10 telecast, host Jimmy Fallon recognized Johnson’s video as the contest’s winner, besting thousands of entries. As Johnson later mentioned on Instagram, the charismatic host said her name three times.

Johnson also expressed her appreciation on Twitter, writing, “Thanks @FallonTonight for the new car! Very cool contest, and I'm happy to have been a part of it!” Additionally, she mentioned that if “The Tonight Show” host wanted to collaborate on a project, he should give her a call. 

Tommy Kopetskie,
4/13/2015 11:45 AM