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Communication design major wins two first-place awards at college media conference

A pair of communications faculty members and a senior discussed the Elon News Network, which was recognized with several awards at the College Media Association gathering.

Junior Stephanie Hays won two first-place awards and a second-place honor in the College Media Association’s national Pinnacle Awards competition Oct. 29 in Atlanta.

Stephanie Hays '18

The communication design major’s two top finishes were in the Best Newspaper News Page/Spread and Best Newspaper Photo Page/Spread categories for work she did for The Pendulum, the newspaper of the Elon News Network. Her second-place award was for Best Newspaper Feature Page/Spread.

“Elon Local News,” the newscast of ENN, placed in the top three nationally for Four-Year TV Station of the Year (second place), Best Television Newscast (third place for these three stories) and Best TV Entertainment Program (third place).

Earlier in the day at the CMA conference, ENN Executive Director Tommy Hamzik ’17, Rich Landesberg, associate professor of communications, and Colin Donohue '05, director of student media and instructor of communications, offered a presentation titled “Don’t call it convergence.” It covered the construction, the timeline and the reasons behind the ENN merger of The Pendulum and “Elon Local News.”

Alumnus Gary Grumbach ’16 was in attendance to collect the awards and offer his remarks during the “Don’t Call It Convergence” presentation.

Colin Donohue,
10/31/2016 3:45 PM