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Michelle Warshany, music education student, leads initiative to help school

A special field trip sparked a need for action within Michelle Warshany.

As a part of her EDU 450: Teaching Diverse Learners course, Assistant Professor Cherrel Miller Dyce brought her students to a school with a very specific group of students. The Doris Henderson Newcomers School in Greensboro hosted the group of 14  students in mid-April, where the preservice teachers were able to interact with students that knew very little to no English.

The Newcomers School welcomes new students every Tuesday, ensuring that each week is different. On display at the school were experienced teachers who have successfully adapted their curricula to teach students with low levels of English proficiency.

Soon after the class visit, music education major Michelle Warshany spearheaded an initiative to help  the school. The tour of the school ended in a room full of shelves of clothes, toiletries, food, and more. These resources are gathered mainly through connections with many local faith-based organizations, but Elon wanted to contribute as well.

Starting in May,Dyce placed a box for a clothing drive inside Mooney, the education building, and Warshany also collected donations from the music department.

After presentations of the course's final project, donations packed the trunk of Dyce's van. Clothes, shoes, and outerwear from Elon donors will be enjoyed by families just arriving in America this week.

Students in the class included:

Sara Alpert, Katherine Bain, Patrick Creghan, Crystal Edwards, Becky Hackney, Mike Hall, Allie Hylton, Connor McDade, Mackenzie McGraw, Hayley Rees, Jessica Solender, Amy Wagoner, Michelle Warshany, and Sarah Worley

Richard Mihans,
5/18/2013 10:25 AM