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Senior named to national leadership program

Matthew Eastman is one of 20 students nationwide who were selected.

Matthew Eastman

Senior media arts & entertainment and environmental studies double major Matthew Eastman was named one of the nation's top rising young leaders in the sustaintable energy field by nonprofit organization Focus the Nation.

Eastman was one of 20 students nationwide who were selected for the program. He and the other young leaders will meet for a one-week ReCharge! Retreat in August on Oregon's Mt. Hood to discuss an area of the country that's demonstrating commitment toward sustainable energy.

According to a release, the students were selected for "their dedication, passion and unique contribution to advancing sustainable energy in America." All students belong to one of the following categories: technician, innovator, politico and storyteller. Eastman, a running back on the football team, was selected as a leader in the storyteller category.

The release says Focus the Nation created ReCharge! "to address the need for rising leaders to approach energy challenges with innovative ideas and fortitude throughout their careers."

Colin Donohue,
5/20/2013 11:00 AM