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CATL Talk on faculty identity in the classroom - Oct. 17

CATL Talk Series - Talking about "Teaching While Gay"
Thursday, October 17, 4:15 p.m.-5:30pm
Belk Pavilion 201

During this CATL Talk, we'll discuss Domenick Scudera's thought-provoking article from the Chronicle last spring, "Teaching While Gay." In it, Scudera touches on a range of topics related to faculty and student identity in classroom teaching, including self-disclosure and self-care. Join Matthew Antonio Bosch (Gender & LGBTQIA Center) and Deandra Little (CATL) to discuss the following questions, among others: How do we decide how much of our identities to disclose to students, at what point, and why? How do we balance encouraging free expression and exploration of ideas with the fact that some ideas can be painful to hear? How do we create a space for classroom discussion that feels safe — for faculty and students? We'll discuss big ideas as well as practical strategies for classroom discussion and self-care. Snacks will be provided.

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Laura St. Cyr,
9/6/2013 10:05 AM