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Match Education on-campus interviews and resume review- April 9

Moseley 140, Student Professional Development Center, throughout the day.


Match Corps is a one-year urban education fellowship focused on our tutoring and mentoring program.
Match Corps: Boston is often compared to Teach For America and the New York City Teaching Fellows Program. Like those programs, Match Corps allows idealistic and dedicated young people to invest their time and energy in helping disadvantaged youth. Match takes a "No Excuses" - high expectations, "whatever it takes" - approach to pursuing measurable gains in student achievement. The biggest contrast between the Match Corps and other programs is depth over breadth. First-year teachers in a program like TFA interact with more students at one time, and spend most of their time trying to master classroom management - getting kids focused and working hard. By contrast, Match Corps members are able to focus their attention on the learning needs of each student from the first day onward.

Check out EJN ID # 11030 for more information. 

Student Professional Development Center ,
4/3/2014 3:10 PM