College Writing at Elon University

SoTL Projects

Several faculty participated in a Digital Literacies project co-sponsored by the Center for Advancement of Teaching and Learning and funded by the Revson Foundation. Innovation faculty include Jessie Moore, Greg Hlavaty, Paula Patch, Jean Schwind, and Murphy Townsend. These faculty collaboratively designed digital literacies innovations to integrate into their Fall 2009 sections of ENG 100 and ENG 110. During Winter Term 2010, they revised the innovations for use and continued study in their Spring 2010 sections of ENG 110. Watch this space for more information about their digital literacies classroom activities and their research findings. Jennifer Carmen-Martin, Barbara Gordon, Kathy Lyday-Lee, and John Pell assisted with the project by participating in a comparison group in Fall 2009.


Paula Patch's 2008-2009 Elon Teaching and Learning Partnership project also has ties to first-year writing. Patch continues to examine how drafting processes practiced and refined in first-year writing transfer to students' writing across campus.