College Writing at Elon University

Placement Overview

Since we are eager to make our placement decisions as accurate as possible, we offer all students who place into English 100: Supplemental Writing Workshop an opportunity to have their writing skills evaluated. Please note: This placement assessment is only for students who receive a placement of English 110 with English 100 required. With a few exceptions, all students take English 110 Writing: Argument and Inquiry. There is no option of placing out of English 110. 

If you received notification that you placed into English 110 with English 100 recommended, you will not be automatically registered for English 100 and you do not need to take the placement exam. However, you may choose to enroll in English 100 for the extra writing instruction the course provides. If you wish to enroll in English 100, please contact Paula Patch, College Writing Coordinator, by email at Please see the course descriptions of English 100 and English 110 to help you make your decision.

The English Writing Placement consists of three parts:

How the English Writing Placement Affects Your Schedule

If you were placed in English 100 based on your high school GPA and your SAT scores, you will receive an email invitation to take the English Writing Placement. Please do not complete the assessment until you have received the email invitation.

Evaluation Criteria

Response essays and revision plans will be assessed on the basis of the writer's ability to develop and support a thesis. A successful response will be well-developed, well-organized, and contain few if any grammar or punctuation errors. Click here to access the English 100 Writing Placement.