Elon Computing Sciences

Student programming teams compete in regional ACM contest

Joel Hollingsworth prepared and coached three Elon teams and accompanied them to Duke University on October 28, 2006 as they participated in the ACM 2006 Mid-Atlantic Regional Programming Contest.

Elon's top team, the Elon Phoenix, including Nathan Shemonski, Chris Weitzen and Dustin White finished in the top 14% with a 21st place finish.

Elon's second team, the Elon Phoenix III, including Vic McGlaughlin, Brad Nock and Doug Pearce finished in the top 38% with a 54th place finish.

Elon's third team, the Elon Phoenixette, including Christopher Agocs, Nicholas Harper and Clarke Rainey finished in the top 64% with a 92nd place finish.

There were 142 teams from 67 Colleges and Universities. Check contest standings for rankings of all participating teams.