The mission of the Office Institutional Research and Assessment is to support institutional effectiveness at Elon University. We achieve this through the collection and analysis of data, and dissemination of information to support strategic goals and initiatives at the program, division or school, and university level.


To support the mission of the University, the Office of Institutional Research and Assessment is responsible for the following:

Assessment:  supports and facilitates program, department, and school level assessment of academic and administrative departments.
Data Warehousing and Analytics:   coordinates the day-to-day management of the SAS data warehouse and its related analytic tools (Visual Analytics).
External Reporting:  serves as a resource for comprehensive, accurate, and consistent information in response to requests from external stakeholders.
Institutional Surveys:  manages campus-wide surveys. These include both national studies such as the National Surveys of Student Engagement and institutional surveys requested by campus partners.
Internal Reporting and Research:  compiles, analyzes, and interprets statistical data to support planning efforts by University administrators and committees.


The following values reflect that we act in accordance and have high standards with regard to confidentiality, personal integrity, and professional development, with contribution to the craft.

  •  We maintain strict confidence and security of all confidential information in our possession about Elon or any of its constituent parts.
  • We treat all participants with dignity and respect and weigh risks/benefits in every study according to the generally accepted ethical standards.
  • We commit to conduct research in an objective manner utilizing the highest standards for accuracy in methodology, data quality, and the presentation of findings with professionally responsible interpretation.

Although not comprehensive, these values are manifested the Code of Ethics and Professional Practice of the Association for Institutional Research .