Calendar of Events – OIRA Updates Schedule

2019 – 2020 University Survey Administration Schedule

Institutional surveys are an important means of gathering feedback, perceptions, behaviors, expectations, and ideas from students, faculty, and staff members. Elon endeavors to use survey assessments to demonstrate effectiveness and guide program and institutional improvement. The following describes currently known campus-wide survey assessment plans for the current academic year. If you wish to have your project added to this list, please contact Kim Fath

OIRA Administered Surveys

  • The Freshman Survey/CIRP (August 25)
  • First 6 Weeks Survey (October 31 – November 10)
  • Your First College Year (March – April 2020) Rescheduled to¬† 2021
  • College Senior Survey (March – April 2020) Rescheduled to 2021
  • HERI Faculty Survey (Cancelled)

Other Campus Surveys

  • Office of Sustainability Survey (September 24 – October 8)
  • Office of Disability Services (October 10 – October 23)
  • Dining Services Survey (September 30 – October 25)
  • School of Education Interest Survey (February 11 – February 26)
  • Elon Response Resources Survey (February 12 – February 20)
  • Fraternity & Sorority Experience Survey (Tentative: April 13 – May 1) Rescheduled to Spring 2021
  • Community & Civic Engagement Survey (March)
  • Academic Council Committee Survey (Dates TBD)

Academic Dashboards Data Update Schedule

We provide academic dashboards for the provost team, the deans, and the department chairs with information on students, courses, course efficiencies, retention rates, graduation rates, majors, minors, student diversity, faculty teaching engagement, and departmental data for end of year reporting. These files are updated on a regular schedule.

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College Guides Submission Schedule

College guides are an important resource for potential students and their families. College guides tend to provide additional contextual information such as reputational scores, organizations on campus, percent of students who stay on campus during the weekends, or key activities offered at the institution.

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