Academic Program Reports

Updating Assessment Plans (Plan for Student Learning Assessment/PSLA)

Some good reasons to revise/update your Plan for Student Learning Assessment (PSLA)

Revised major(s)

  • Revise program level learning outcomes as needed
  • Update the curriculum map to reflect revised major requirements/alignment to learning outcomes

Revised course(s) included in the major 

  • Update the curriculum map to align revised course to program level learning outcomes

Changes to assignments/tasks used for assessing student learning outcome(s)

  • Update plan to indicate where changes have been made and which outcomes are affected

Has it been more than 5 years since faculty have reviewed the Plan for Student Learning Assessment?

  • Do the program level learning outcomes still fit with the intent of the major? If not, update the outcomes
  • Confirm that assignments/tasks in the plan remain in use. If not, update the plan to reflect the changes
  • Conduct a holistic review of student performance for all learning outcomes using ARAPs from prior years. In which outcomes do students perform the best? Where are our graduates weakest areas based on assessment results?  This type of review can be lost when reporting on only 1-2 outcomes each year.