Each of the six upper-division levels of the university, or vice presidential area, is required to develop a five-year plan for their specific division. These five-year plans are distributed to the other vice presidents’ for feedback and suggestions. Keeping true to its focus, these strategic plans are developed in support of the institutional strategic plan and thus the institutional mission.

In the spirit of inclusiveness, these plans are developed with feedback and suggestions from personnel within each vice presidential area. As a result, a collaborative effort among the vice presidents and the respective vice presidential staff participate in the five-year planning process. Not only does this ensure knowledge and communication within each area, it also provides support to accomplish the five-year plan.

Following a consistent process as outlined previously, each vice presidential area creates annual priorities for their unit. These priorities are specifically derived from their vice presidential five-year plan. Each annual priority for each unit is evaluated at the end of the year to measure success with respect to its completion and to adapt to the next year’s priorities. The process of setting and evaluating annual vice presidential priorities will continue until their respective five-year plan is complete. It should be noted that it is not uncommon to see some of these priorities become institutional priorities.