Departmental On Campus and Off Campus Mailing Procedures

Campus Mail:

  1. Does not need a mail authorization
  2. Mail picked up on the morning and afternoon dispatch, and mail picked up on the afternoon collection will be delivered on the morning dispatch.
  3. Must be addressed with name and campus box number.

Outgoing Campus Mail:

  1. Must have a mail (charge slip). It should be filled out with department name and account number.
  2. Our machine will seal envelopes. All flaps need to be in an upright position for us to seal them. If your envelopes are over 1/2 thick the machine has a poor seal rate. Please have these sealed securely.
  3. If your mail piece is a bi/tri-fold mailer, please place tape on the top or bottom. This will allow the mail piece to go through the meter machine.
  4. Insurance, ceritified, priority, express and custom forms can be obtained at the Mail Center. Please use the correct label with the appropriate envelope to ensure proper postage.
  5. Do not place anything in the upper right hand corner where the postage is printed.
  6. Letters should all face the same direction.
  7. Manila envelopes need tape over the metal clasp.
  8. The bottom line address must include only the city, state, and zip code.
  9. Mail should be bundled securely with rubber bands or paper clips and mail charge-back forms.
  10. Be reminded 3:30 p.m. is the cut off for metering mail. The Elon Post Office collects the mail at 4:00 p.m.
  11. Please do not use staples to seal packages or envelopes.