Sending Mail & Packages

Mail and packages can be sent through the mail counter located in Moseley. You can ship packages using either USPS, UPS, or FedEx. Shipping supplies such as boxes, bubble wrap, and padded envelopes are available for purchase at the counter. Our counter staff can walk you through the best way to ship your package. Cash and Phoenix cash are accepted forms of payment.

Receiving Mail & Packages

All mail and packages sent to the university are routed through Mail Services (items cannot be sent directly to a residence hall). When we receive mail or a package, it is scanned and assigned a barcode. An email notification is then sent to the student informing them they have mail or a package available for pick up at Mail Services.

Procedures for picking up mail or a package:

  1. The student receives an email notification from Mail Services that mail or a package has been received.
    (The email will come from
  2. The student comes in person to the Mail Services counter in Moseley to pick up their item(s).
  3. A valid Phoenix Card must be presented in order to pick up mail or a package.
  4. The student will either tap their card on the card reader if at a computer station or if the staff member has a handheld device, the student will need to show their card and state their campus box number so the staff can select the correct student on the device.
  5. The student will show the QR code/barcode in their email notification for the staff to scan in place of a signature.

Students should pick up mail and packages promptly. Items not picked up within 14 days will be returned to the sender. (The 14 days does not apply to packages received the beginning of August for move-in. Items will be held through at least the first week of classes.) Packages that are considered perishable will be held for 24-48 hours before being discarded.

If you receive mail or a package that is not addressed to you, please return it promptly to Mail Services.

Please note: Local delivery of flowers, gift baskets, balloons, baked goods, etc. will be delivered directly to the front desk in Moseley instead of coming to Mail Services.

Direct store or grocery deliveries are not accepted at either Mail Services or Moseley front desk. Students will need to coordinate directly with the service provider for delivery.

Delegating Others to Pick Up Your Mail/Package

You are responsible for getting your own mail and packages. However, in rare instances, if due to an illness or unforeseen circumstance that prohibits you from coming to the mail counter yourself, you can authorize another student to pick it up by sending an email to and copy the pick up designee on the SAME EMAIL stating they have your permission to pick up your mail or package. Please include your campus box number in the email as well. The designee will need to show their Phoenix Card and the email to the staff at the mail counter in order to pick up your mail or package.