Elon University maintains mailing permits with the Town of Elon Post Office. Mailing permits are used as an alternative to affixing stamps as a means to pay postage. With our permit, the University can process large mailings to domestic addresses at a reduced cost. We offer both first class and nonprofit marketing mail and can mail envelopes, flats/large envelopes, postcards, and small parcels. We also have a full line of addressing and inserting equipment that allows us to print directly onto the mailing and insert up to 5 items such as multiple page letters and reply envelopes.

Contact Us for Assistance

All bulk mailings will go through a separate process than normal mail. Bulk mailings require a special USPS postage statement that we will create to go with the mailing. We work closely with Print Services on our bulk mailing projects, so please reach out to us at (336) 278-5433 or Print Services at (336) 278-5582 to start the process for your mailing.

Guidelines for Utilizing Bulk Mail

  • Must contact Mail Services or Print Services before you start to verify requirements of your mailing.
  • A sample may be required to verify weight and size.
  • Minimums: 500 pieces for first class mail and 200 pieces for marketing mail.
  • Weight: Varies depending on mail class (typically less than 3.5 ounces for letters and less than 16 ounces for parcels).
  • All pieces must be identical in size, contents, and shape.
  • First class or noprofit indicia (the mailing permit information) must be printed in the upper right corner.
  • Return address must appear in the upper left corner.
  • Addresses will need to be verified through our mailing software and zip codes may be required to be in numerical order.
  • Envelopes/packages must be sealed. Do NOT use staples to seal.