Oaks & Station at Mill Point Information

One of the benefits you receive as a resident of The Oaks & Station at Mill Point is that your mail box can be located nearby in the area commons building (Oaks Area: McCoy Commons & Station at Mill Point: The Depot). This means you will no longer receive email notification for mail you receive. You can find your new box number on your OnTrack account. In order to help with the transition, listed below is information that you will find helpful. If you need assistance or have questions, please contact Wesley Grigg, manager of print and mail services, at 278-5433 or wgrigg@elon.edu

All students assigned to these areas may receive a campus box located in commons building of the area (McCoy Commons or The Depot). Please contact Mail Services if you would like a physical box at these locations.

  • Any student moving from The Oaks or Station at Mill Point during the semester will be assigned a virtual box in the Moseley Center.
  • Delivery to The Oaks & Station at Mill Point will be finished by 2PM Monday through Friday. This includes Express Mail and Overnight Mail.
  • Packages will continue to be handled at the Mail Center in Moseley.
  • Oaks & Station at Mill Point mail boxes can receive any necessary maintenance. All maintenance on campus boxes is done by appointment basis only.  To obtain an appointment for help with your box please contact the Mail Center by phone at ext. 5433 or by e-mail at wgrigg@elon.edu.
  • Please remember The Oaks & Station at Mill Point is a delivery site only. There will be no mail center staff assigned to this site.